Monday, December 29, 2008

Bigfoot Stick Stacking? Armstrong County, PA

Here's a perfect example of not seeing the 'stick stacking' in the forest for the trees!
I heard my stomach growl,my bio-clock signalling that it was later than I had previously thought, when my wife and I decided to move slightly from our original post set up earlier that morning. Sure enough,after checking time-mode on my GPS, it was just after 1PM on the 3rd day of the PA rifled whitetail season, Nov. 2007. I opened my camouflaged day/ back-pack and began to savor the 3 course meal of beef jerky,cheddar cheese and bottled water. This was quite enjoyable I thought to myself as I sat comfortably on my hot seat, which I had placed upon a fallen log,relaxing in the warm early afternoon late autumnal sun. Behind me, not more than 10 - 15 ft. away, was my wife at the ready with our digital camera and camcorder,both of us anticipating an opportune moment of a browsing whitetail or fleeting 'venison on the hoof". With her and my profile hidden by the trees we had at our backs,we were on the alert with all senses hitting every piston. We had been sitting and observing for a good 45minutes or so at this location,she was posting/covering areas to the East and South of the property we usually hunt,...I was facing the West and Northward approaches for any movement,scent or sound. Suddenly it dawned on me,...duh,...what the 'H' was that large timber placed on the upright pole in such (an almost 45 degree) direction fashion. It almost looked like a possible directional marking stacking,..duh! I sat and observed the structure,which was approximately 20 to 25 yards from my vantage point ( I was looking Westward ) a while longer. To get an even better close-up perspective,I began switching between my binoculars and rifle scope,...searching for other pieces of same-type logs on the near-by forest floor that could be attributed to a normal weather incident or natural tree-fall occurrence. We hunt often on this piece of private land that is a 30 acre square area ,comprised largely of very tall lodge pole pines and big hardwoods. Thus, it's quite common for the forest floor to be riddled and littered with 'blow-overs'. After observing this potential 'marker' for a while,I thought "What else am I NOT seeing?" I then slowly began to pan my field of vision, and began looking to my right, to the NNE somewhat, approximatley 180 degrees away from the direct area from which these photos were taken and,sure enough...there was another marker. This one,much smaller (which I've yet to publish on this sight ) was a tree of approximately 8-10 inches in circumference that was bent over in the same direction as the other larger trees, but it's top branch formation was touching the forest floor. From where I sat, this more flexible tree ( a wild-cherry type) seemed as though it's top branches had been woven into some intricate fashion among the smaller plants and trees that it was secured to near the forest floor during their summer or spring 'greening' growth period. Thus, maintaining it's downward bent-over/angular-pointed appearance. I silently got my wife's attention and we 'broke post' to walk over to and observe both of these structures and respective surrounding ground debris. With regard to the larger structure,we found no trees/fallen debris of the same dimensional properties that matched the 2 tress that made up the configuration. After thoroughly examining the trees and the 2 separate surrounding areas in question,we shot digital still photos and recorded various digital video clips of each. We also logged GPS co-ordinates respectively. We jointly came to the conclusion that these were not common 'blow-overs' or tree-falls of natural causes. The larger trees (in the photos displayed) by the way, are as big in circumference as smaller telephone/electric utility poles that are facilitated and common in the rural areas of PA and other locations through-out the mid-eastern states.
This particular area of property,lies directly on the demarcation line of Armstrong and Indiana counties within the PA Commonwealth. We have noted in the past ( we being our close-knit group of campers,hikers,fishermen and hunters,not just me and my wife) that our visits have been known to have a few, strange, late-night,unexplainable occurrences, along with other tree stackings/nests that have we've discovered over the 5 or 6 year period of us frequenting this area ( I'm a believer in the 'habitualization' within nature theories). According to our bigfoot data base and GPS co-ordinates, we are a stones throw away from various other 'edgy-occurrences' that have taken place in this 2 county vicinity over the years with witnessed reports of Sasquatch/bigfoot/hairy homind sightings.

A CU P.O.V. of the larger trees are shown below...