Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Forget the heavy scary book of Halloween or the weird book about things that hump,thump,or go bump in the dark of night! Grab a hot toddy,a glass of wine,a cold beer,or some green tea along with your favorite fruit or bag of munchies,settle back in your easy chair,bed,or recliner and get ready to enjoy 'TRUTH,'TIS STRANGER THAN FICTION, M'DEAR! Make sure you bring up the older posts here for some interesting reads and sketches,...thank you.
Ghouling your way...Dave DRAGula1

Monday, October 26, 2009

A comparison sketch w/R.W.Morgan's cover art.

Creature on far left is the finish to date sketch 10-28-09.
Creature at middle left, is 1st rough sketch on location,as described by witness to me, after sighting along Chestnut Ridge,Jumonville area,Fayette County,PA,which occured this August,2009. Notice similarity with creature on R.W.Morgan's cover art published over 10 years ago and taken from the Northwest territories of the USA. Fascinating how the gene pool could possibly be THIS strong...all the way into Western,PA!? Talk about 'where your relatives are from'? Well,they do say,you can't pick your relatives,and you can pick your friends,but, you can't pick your friends nose!

Recent sightings in Fayette County,PA along the Chestnut Ridge,Jumonville/Dunbar Mt.s vicinity.

A lady and her daughter watched in awe, as they witnessed an ape-like hairy creature cross this Texas Eastern gas-line in the Dunbar Mts. of Fay.Co.,PA shortly after 5PM on a late Thurs. afternoon,in Sept.'09. The only sounds made occurred when the creature left the wooded/brush area, located to the left of the sketch, then appeared, entered and silently crossed the grassy cut section of the pipeline. The anomaly walked rather stiff-leggedly on the very well-used game trail which was detailed with other wildlife prints in the dirt sections of the pathway. One depression was found, the following day, @approx. 10:45 AM in the soil located in the brushy/wooded area just to the right of the pipeline and a cast was made of the very large human-shaped foot impression. Upon further investigation,my wife and I heard distinct sharp woodknocks in the not too distant wooded area @11:03 AM,followed by a strange,poorly imitated peacock-like bird whistle @11:15AM. This bird-sound moved in a 180* fashion from due South,to SW,to NW,to North,and finally stopping @ a NE direction so fast...we both theorized the sound could have been made by 5 separate places of origin. The next day,Sat. the witnesses found a dead torn-up pig, with a bashed-in head, not far from where the creature first entered the gas pipe-line, near a small stream. The following day,Sun.,the domestic pig's body could not be found,only some older bones and torn flesh was left behind,along with the stench of 'death' that seemed to linger at the stream. On the distant horizon are the mills located approx. 8.5 air miles away near Cranberry Glade Lake. This pipeline crosses the Youghiogeney River not far from the whitewater area of Ohio Pyle State Park. Just to the north of this sighting,across the Yough River is Indian Creek Station. According to my records,one of the oldest documented sightings of a squatch-like creature in PA.

Earlier, in August of this year,approx. 4 air miles away from the above sighting,along the
outskirts of the town of Dunbar,to the left is the results of the sketch related to the adult-sized creature seen, as another witness "J" walked to an outside area of her family's old homestead. Her intent was to feed her cats & their kittens as she normally does every morning. On this particular day, shortly after 8AM, her twin sister "J2"parked the car in the nearby gravel drive-way, remaining inside the vehicle, while "J" walked into the grassy area of the family's back-yard area. The original structure was burned down,some years back,with only portions of the cement area of the basement and part of the chimney above ground level. The yard is still well-maintained,although no-one presently lives on the property. Apparently, the newly mowed grass under foot muffled "J" 's footsteps, as she entered the yard and began to walk towards a large rock embedded in the ground. The rock is located just below a rather vast, thicket area of black-berry bushes, small trees, and brush, which borders the upper section of the uphill yard. "J" was startled to see a small,adolescent sized hairy hominid raise up from an eating position in front of the bushes and notice "J" for the first time. It began to run- first on 2, then onto 4 legs, and beat a path in a southerly direction away from her and out of the seclusion of the berrybushes and yard perimeter. "J" stated later, that she never saw any wildlife run as fast as that little one took off to get away from her. Almost at the same time, she notices an adult-like hairy hominid creature just standing and eating berries approx. 5' into the thicket cover, and maybe 10' away from where the little guy was busily eating. This larger creature sees "J" and begins to turn away quickly, attempting to leave in the OPPOSITE direction of the younger critter. His retreat is at first somewhat stymied, due to the brambles and thorns of the extremely thick flora,but,eventually he makes good his getaway as quick as possible. Later,as we investigated,we found no hair,no prints or impressions,but, we did measure the area. And,it was determined that the adult stood close to 9" tall. He & the little one,were only approx. 30' to 35' away from "J" as she first approached them. "J" said the smaller creature had hair the color and texture of a rabbit's coat in the summer season, and the thick hair seemed to flow softly in the air as it departed. The adult creature was described as being covered in dark brown to black thick hair, it was very muscular with little or no neck,white-faced with it's beard tipped in grey to white-ish colored hairs. Neither creature made any vocalizations upon discovery nor in it's get-away. "J" noticed no odor during nor after the event. She stated that,even though she had never thought to see such creatures ever, let alone in this section of the country, she sort of knew what she had witnessed as the entire scenario played out. Surprised,but,not really shaken by the event, she told us that she simply turned, after both creatures departed,and she walked back to her car where her twin-sister sat waiting for "J" 's return. She re-iterated that she leaned toward her sis and simply said something on the order of,..."You won't believe the strange people that I just saw stealing berries from our bushes!" I was pleasantly surprised that both sisters,in their mid-60's,and retired from their teaching/education careers,had such an open-mind to what they think they had experienced. I mean they both accepted it with a 'grain of salt',so to speak. AND, retrospect,had enough foresight to formulate the followg opinion; it was like yesterday,they can remember,when they were growing up at the family home,and many summer and autumn nights, they would sit out on the back porch with members of their family and just listen to the natural night sounds of the woods and mountains bordering their property. Growing up in the woods of that vicinity,they knew the tracks,sights and sounds of all the wildlife there. But,often they would wonder, what strange animals could be making a raucus such as that of a wailing human infant and/or those incessant, loud screams of a woman being raped,coming from the up-hill mountain direction. They could never figure that out,...until,...they think,...NOW they know!