Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Forget the heavy scary book of Halloween or the weird book about things that hump,thump,or go bump in the dark of night! Grab a hot toddy,a glass of wine,a cold beer,or some green tea along with your favorite fruit or bag of munchies,settle back in your easy chair,bed,or recliner and get ready to enjoy 'TRUTH,'TIS STRANGER THAN FICTION, M'DEAR! Make sure you bring up the older posts here for some interesting reads and sketches,...thank you.
Ghouling your way...Dave DRAGula1

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  1. Oh, man, I just came across your blog, and I've found some great reading and pics here. But I'm concerned about the cut off date in 2009, and no further blog posts since then..?
    I really have been captivated the tale of the Stahlstown encounter of 005, and I was downcast to find that Part II had never been posted.
    This is awful, and it needs to be fixed ASAP! If you're still involved in your many other pursuits and don't have time for updating, that's one thing. But if you haven't posted the story's continuation for any other reason, I beg you to post it now, Dave! I have to hear what details the sibling's prodding unearthed!