Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another original hominid pencil sketch.."SOMEBODY KNOCK?"

WOODKNOCKING as a means/method of a type of distance communication possibly used by tribes/family units, and descriptions of these intriguing forest people looking similar to silver-back or mountain gorillas inspired this sketch. I'd be peeking too. I mean really,...if it was me napping,and the call wasn't too urgent,like..."Honey,...would you bring home some berries? The kids are acting up and we have a bridge appoinment tonight. You promised you'd knock over a few lodge pole pines and oak trees and build a half-dozen or so across the canyon. Hon,...are you listening. Must I knock louder?"
Note: the twisted smaller branch growing from the side of this hardwood the big guy is using for a nap/leaning-post...this is indicative of a possible marker/territory signage. Hardly noticable and ever so slight, but recognized among many sasquatch researchers as a good sign of a travel route. Often times found along side of well used roads as a marker for a an entry point of travel. Find some of these,if you're lucky, and then...begin to look downward for any crossing depression in the grass,weeds,or ground area. Search closely for prints,signs of passage,and/or depressions in the soil left behind by these big critters.

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