Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nest-like structure off I 70 W in the Egypt Ohio/Wilds area.

This photo was taken in mid November of 2008 by an acquaintance of mine (I'll refer to him as 'Mick') while he was deer hunting a day before he showed me this photo. Mick works with (I'll refer to him as Trent) Trent,who is a fellow PBS member, and both men are employed at a nationally franchised outdoor supply retail establishment. Each are veteran and avid outdoors/woodsmen. Mick explained the structure as "Large enough for 2 above-average human men to bend over and enter with ease and lay down on the bedding-ground area comfortably, and with room to spare inside". He noted that he did look for prints and foot-like depressions in and around the surrounding area but because of the recent snowfall he found nothing of any discernable interest.
Hmmm,...just thinking,...what with the present-day economy somewhat in Limbo and trying to cut outing/research costs,so to speak,I may consider this structure, if I can locate it, the next time I plan on visiting relatives in the Cambridge,Ohio/Salt Fork lake St. Park area. Especially if it has decent WiFi and the rest room facilities in the near-by vicinity, have tree bark that isn't too rough on the 'glutes',...if you catch my drift. And,if you do,...I hope you're downwind!

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